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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Love My Beer (1982)

I woke up this morning late
Afraid to get out of my bed
I felt like a two-ton weight
Was hanging over my head
I had to work my eight
Before I could go to my bar
And I just couldn't wait
To be where my good times are
I just couldn't wait
Five o'clock was much too late
I figured what I'd do
Was stop and have just one or two
Because I love my beer
More than I love my money
I love my beer
More than I love my honey
I love my beer
More than rock-and-roll
I love my beer
More than my country or my soul

Well one or two turned into a few
And I figured what the hell
Then three or four turned
Into three or four more
And I missed my starting bell
I called in sick to work
Said I was just about ready to die
One day that trick won't work
After that, neither will I
But I figure what the hell
I guess that's just as well
I've got nothing to fear
As long as I've got my beer
And I love my beer
Much more than I love that job
I love my beer
Even more than I loved my wife
When I drink my beer
I ain't afraid of God
I love my beer
More than this miserable life


  1. the original fair copy in my hand
    is dated "aug 20, 82" and is marked
    with appropriate chord changes
    (still in effect nearly every time i play it)
    and a remark that i'd written it
    the day before and was "happy w/ it".
    my greatest hit by far in my own estimation
    though "wham-bam" has had more fans
    (as i imagine).

    anyhow, i'll sell it to you for a hundred bucks.
    (if you're gonna have ads by google the least
    you can do is pimp out some personal relics.)

    maybe this isn't as crazy as it sounds.
    i'll sell you the whole first issue of the
    original handwritten ten page news
    for a grand. wow. fantasy zine auction!

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